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The god man movement was founded in 1980 about a man going to heaven and god anoints him as a super hero to heal depression suicide fear doubt worry oppression

BOOKS Comic books, Charts and DVD and CD

$29.95 all books have questioner and 30 day challenge to change your garden.

  1. How to fix humpty dumpties fault zone $29.95
  2. Learn to plant the kingdom god and grow 7 trees in your hearts garden
  3. Turn on the water trough fountain and see jesus all day in your mirror and defeat depression
  4. Put on heavens hologram glasses and turn on the throne of god
  5. The good love vibration of the garden zone
  6. Activate the seven lamp stands
  7. Activate the processing plant in your 7 conscious gravity holes
  8. The diamond in the rough and cut and polished
  9. Empathy for elderly and orphans and homeless

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